2019 Trek 100

Just about every year the three of us try to participate in the Trek 100 and raise money for the MACC fund. Any cause that has to do with raising money for cancer is important, but this is for kids, so I will raise money for this every year even if I can’t ride. I won’t lie, the beginning of this ride is usually hearing stories from families that the organization has impacted, I have a hard time starting without losing it a little. Throughout the day I try to think about that. It’s fun to get out and ride, but at the end of the day, hopefully we are helping in a small way.

This ride is maybe the most challenging century ride I’ve ridden. And it’s usually because of the weather. The first year I did the ride it was 95 degrees and had some pretty strong wind. We’ve had rain a couple years also, 2019 was one of those years. Not sure you can tell from the pictures, but the rain jackets were on and off about four times that day. And it was just Paul and I this year.