2019 Hilly Hundred

I feel like I will be jumping around a little chronologically. I also feel like that doesn’t matter. Here are two video clips from this years Hilly Hundred in Bloomington (Elettsville) IN. So one is a nice little section where I am actually keeping up with Paul and Steve. The second one is a time lapse and may be a little too fast.

As stated in the About Us section, for the last 4 years, the 3 of us have traveled down to Bloomington to do this ride to finish off our year. The ride is a weekend event that is really well attended. Ride 52 miles on Saturday and 52 on Sunday and hope the lactic acid isn’t too much to bear. This year, we only rode on Sunday due to the crazy amount of rain on Saturday. We took in a movie and some beers instead. the weather was much better on Sunday and we got to ride 2 of the biggest hills on the course anyway.

Plus there is a bit of a connection to this ride. Our dad rode this ride a handful of times in the 80’s when we lived in Bloomington, the last edition was 1985. My first time was a solo trip in 2015. 30 years since I had been back.