About Us

Clarke Bros Cycling

This is what happens when three brothers who like to ride bikes and like to watch bike racing decide to try to share that with more than just each other. 

We plan to share a little about our riding and hopefully some travels that take us to rides with anyone who cares to check it out. Heck, if you’ve ever followed a cyclist on any kind of social media, you know that cyclists like to talk about cycling. It’s just not always easy to find people that want to listen. One thing I’ve learned is that cyclists are a part of a community (whether they know it or not). Not everyone follows racing or participates in fantasy cycling like we do, but we all like to ride bikes. 

Throughout the course of a cycling season we all have our different rides and routes we like to take to have fun, try to get in shape or  even get ready for a larger event. But at the end of that outdoor riding season, we usually end up in Ellettsville, IN to ride the Hilly Hundred and spend a weekend together riding and having a couple beers and just talking. 

Steve has made us jerseys over the past several years that match, make us feel like a team or a club at least. And every jersey has been better than the last (in my opinion) and gets us plenty of compliments. Usually if you are wearing a jersey of a pro team or from an event it’s pretty obvious what you are repping. But people ask us what Clarke Bros Cycling is all the time. We have even had a couple requests for people to get jerseys of their own.